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212 The Strand Manhattan Beach California 90266

AMLS ID: 359334
Available: 11/06/2023
Rent: $120,000
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 10
Parking: Street
Furnished: No
Allow Pets: Yes
Allow Smoking: Yes

Property Description

This stunning beachfront residence is The Strand's first, only, and last triple-lot beach house. Situated in the heart of Manhattan Beach, this home holds a distinct honor, as the city amended its regulations to allow development on only two lots, ensuring its exclusive status for eternity. The fantastic architect Grant Kirkpatrick has crafted a 12,640 sq/ft Coastal Plantation masterpiece that embodies opulence and laid-back coastal charm. With seven bedrooms and twelve bathrooms, this home offers comfort and luxury, perfect for entertaining guests and cherished family moments. The house boasts every conceivable amenity of a true masterpiece, from an inviting outdoor pool, private courtyard patio, and multiple guest suites. The bottom level was built to house and entertain guests, while the main level was designed to feel like you were living close to the ocean with a lovely yard and a pool without seeing people walking on the strand. This residence is exceptionally eco-friendly, with geothermal energy through twenty-eight holes 48 ft. deep under the house and solar panels on the roof. Parking concerns vanish with its spacious 4-car garage, with room for two more vehicles alongside the house. Access to the beach and its vibrant surroundings is as effortless as stepping outside and sinking your toes into the golden sands. The most captivating aspect of this property lies in its unparalleled ocean views and sunsets that are welcomed daily. This sun-kissed coastal retreat home stands as the crown jewel of Los Angeles, offering a distinctive blend of luxury and coastal???????????????????????????????? living.

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